• The project title: women and girls adolescents in community centers.
  • The number of the beneficiaries: 500
  • Project sector: protection
  • Start date: 10/2018
  • End date:  04/2019
  • Implementing location: Idleb( Benesh-Khan Shekhoun- Almadek Castel)
  • Project statue: closed

The Activities:

PSS, life skills and self-care:

Providing the PSS services, self-care and life skills in addition to providing the skills of embroidery, crochet, glass and ceramics arts and other art activities.


Raising Awareness:

Raising the awareness in the communities about dealing with people with disabilities and the right to live and work to continue their roles in the communities well.


Family awareness:

Family guidance services in dealing with people with disabilities as well as psychosocial support and the importance of providing women with disabilities with the opportunity to continue their lives normally.

Staff capacity building

We have also build the capacity of ASWA staff to deal with people with special needs. During the current month, the three centers in ( Bensh-Khan Shaikhoun- Al-Mideq Castel) have been trained in dealing with people with special needs, including special education, intervention strategies in special education, Diagnosis, evaluation and case management.