• The project title: structured services for people with disabilities.
  • The number of the beneficiaries: 310
  • Project sector: protection- education.
  • Start date: 02/2018
  • End date:  07/2018
  • Implementing location: Dara’a- Jizeh
  • Project statue: closed


Psychological Social Support:

Providing children with individual and group PSS sessions, in addition to recreational and educational sessions in the center.




Behavioral Support:

It includes activities and objectives to learn (life skills, self-care, communication skills, child personality building) In addition to the communication through which the teachers of special education have worked  to solve several problems the  children have such as (problems of stubbornness, shyness, non-acceptance of others).



Creativity Support:

Developing children’s talents and skills. Through which the children’s interests, sport and art skills are discovered. The art teacher have carried out a five-day art exhibit for the children’s artwork.



Raising Awareness and Advocacy:

By conducting awareness campaigns addressing several topics monthly, where the families of the and their surrounding have been invited   to talk about dealing with people with special needs- the role of the father in taking care of the child with special needs. The risk of the electronic screens that lead to autism- the special needs marriage- in addition to conducting sessions with the parents to cover each individual type of disability. Also, visits to schools have been conducted to raise the awareness of how children can pass learning difficulties, after the evaluation, children are referred to our centers.

Advocacy sessions also target (decision makers, local councils, heads of funds, working organizations).)

Advocacy contributes to the goal of the organization in raising the awareness of the community about the rights of this group and the need to take into account the status of this group in all their activities and at all levels.






The aim is to increase the amount of the movement in the joint, increase muscle strength, or training muscles to expand and contract in harmony and consistency to prevent the complications and to help in stabilizing the case and not increasing the problems that are experienced by people with disabilities.

The treatment is done with the participation of the parents; the treatment aims to achieve quick results, where the program includes tips for parents to deal properly with their child at home.

It also benefits the beneficiaries to build and develop the functional and motor skills of the child, such as sitting, standing and walking, relying on the strengthening of the muscles and increasing the balance and adjusting the wrong conditions of the body.

Increasing the amount of the movement in the joint, increasing muscle strength, or training muscles to stretch and contract in harmony and consistency.