Name: Qusay Jemo

The center: Kafr Takharim

After coming to the center and the process of behavior modification, such as the commitment to the seat and reducing the abnormal movements and the exit and entering the classroom after the break, and then received the initial concepts that he lacks such as the distinction of four trends and pointing to the shape inside and outside the framework. He also learned the basic colors where he can distinguish them, classify, and match, In addition to the sub-colors. He also is able to identify and draw the geometric shapes, to distinct the lengths and sizes, to match them, and to differentiate between light and heavy.


On the level of language skills: the child’s receiving  is excellent where he knows the voice direction and recognizes it ,responds to the appeal and refers to all the initial concepts when required from him.


On the level of productive language: the child could utter the name of anything that is referred to, especially the initial concepts.

The child also received life skills, such as self-care, using tools such as (spoon for eating), to say in the name of God, and thank God before and after eating. The child was previously received these skills at home because of the parents’ attention. The child can also go to the toilet and wash his hands after leaving it. The child received some life skills such as saluting and playing together with his peers and distinguishing gender among his friends. He mentions the name of his teacher and friends and greeting visitors when asked by shaking hands.

The child also received some motor skills, such as large (moving his hands in the required side, throwing the ball and catching it, walking on a straight-line while opening his arms with the aim of visual kinetic synergy, and standing balanced on one foot)


In addition to the fine motor skills such as the arranging a plastic and wooden puzzle games, build a tower of cubes, stringing beads, holding the pen in the index finger and thumb, drawing a straight and  dotted line and geometric shapes and passing the maze by a pen

In addition, receiving some sensory skills such as the distinction of voices and link to its direction, the distinction between hot and cold, dry and wet, salty and sweet, clean and dirty, and soft and rough.


From my observation, the child is also aware of the danger around him and of his safety.

As the child aware of the danger around him and aware of his safety through my observation in the center

Then we moved to the training phase in order to learn. The child learned to flip a book and to refer to a requested picture and name it. He learned the alphabet and he was able to read and write them individually and associated with the vowels, distinguish them in a word and to associate the letters with a word. He also received written skills by drawing straight and random lines, catching the pen with index finger and thump, and drawing geometric shapes and letters on the board and transfer the letter from the board to the notebook. He also received the skills math by writing the numbers and counting from one to twenty, writing the previous and next number, knowing the number and its meaning through numerical puzzle game.

After passing the previous stage, Qusay has been integrated in the school of the northern district in Armanaz after receiving the previous skills and the psychological support sessions, we communicated with the school director and there was a coordination between the center and the school and the integration process has done.