an introduction

Sanad emerged from the womb of the Syrian tragedy, the suffering of the Syrian people and the ravages of war. Sanad has specialized in supporting this important segment of the Syrian society and takes the aspirations of people with special needs and the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a compass for its work.

Roles of Sanad

Sanad's role is to recruit and recruit volunteers of different levels and skills in order to utilize their energy and abilities in order to support the issues of people with special needs and improve the standard of living for them at all levels and provide resources and provide the opportunity for volunteers to gain the skill of my life and new professional and spread the culture of volunteerism in the community

Why Sanad seeks to involve volunteers?

Sanad seeks to involve volunteers in his work for the following reasons:

• Provide opportunity and open the door for all who want to contribute to support people with special needs, and work to serve them and develop themselves, each to his ability, and with the capabilities of social, technical, scientific, sports or otherwise.
• Spreading the culture of volunteering.
• Utilize the energies of volunteers in raising the quality of work, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
• Utilize the enthusiasm, energies, skills, and experience of volunteers in achieving Sanad's goals.
• Perform the right to support the direction of society and those with special needs.