Mr. Wael Abu Kuwait, one of the founding members of Sanad initiative, gave a presentation on the organization, the situation, and suffering of Syrian with disabilities at the HCM (Humanitarian Coordination Meeting) meeting in Antakya on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. The presentation included a set of recommendations to help this marginalized group: Integrating people with […]

Sanad’s board members met with Mr. Yusuf Çelebi, Director of the Disabled Department in Gaziantep Municipality, and Recep Yılmaz, a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Blind Sports Federation. They talked about people with special needs and it was agreed in principle to provide them with lists of persons with disabilities under […]

Members of Sanad’s board of directors visited Al-Ansar Center for Social Services in Gaziantep municipality, which provides free education to more than 200 Syrian children at different educational stages and some humanitarian aid. The Board members discussed how to utilize the services of the Center for persons with special needs through cooperation between the two […]

As part of the series highlighting people with special needs category, Chairman Said Nahas and Ms. Noor Konal, Board Member, made a presentation in Gaziantep in partnership with Research and Management Team (RMT) and in the presence of international bodies. The presentation included an explanation of the needs of this category after analyzing data collected […]

Complementing the advocacy process for people with special needs and to highlight their issues, Mr. Wael Abu Kuwait, Executive Director of Sanad Organization, gave a presentation in Beirut with the presence of international donor and Syrian organizations at the Tams Conference on the situation of people with special needs and the importance of their support. […]

As part of a series highlighting the category of Syrians with special needs, Sanad participated in the International Conference, of People Who have been Disabled by the War, in Istanbul, Turkey. Sanad, through its representative, Ms. Nour, conveyed the suffering of this group and their families in both the neighboring countries and inside Syria and […]

With God’s help, the training workshop was concluded under the title “Advocacy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”. The training included international conventions providing for the rights of women and children with disabilities. But we’re not going to stop here. More steps remain to be taken after a disability rights advocacy group was formed […]

Every day, persons with disabilities are discriminated against that hindered their participation in society on an equal footing with others. Their rights are rejected to be employed and to live independently in the community. The first meeting of the advocacy group of Sanad organization, for people with special needs, was with Syrian civil society organizations […]

Sanad’s advocacy team visited the United Nations office in Gaziantep to learn about its mechanism of action and coordinate with the team’s work on disability issues. The team was very welcomed by the United Nations Office and considered it a wonderful step. A presentation was also made on their working mechanism, the official structure of […]

As part of the community integration of Syrians with special needs in Gaziantep, Sanad, with the support of Concern Worldwide Organization, is holding a dinner between families of Syrians with special needs and families of Turks with special needs. Each family hosts each other at home. The discussions take place on the customs, traditions, and […]