Qusay is a child with autism, imitating sounds and somewhat isolated. He suffers from hypermobility and playing strangely. After coming to the center, diagnosing his condition, and developing an individual educational plan, Sanad’s staff worked on behavioral and cognitive modification by strengthening language, motor, and sensory skills as well as self-care activities and basic life skills.
Then we moved to the stage of educational qualification through the accelerated curriculum to enable him to read and write to attach him to the appropriate stage for his age.
After Qusai had passed the above and receiving psychological support sessions and training school staff on how to deal with children with special needs, he was integrated into the School of the Northern District in Armanaz.
Today Qusay participates with other children in the public school without discrimination. Sanad follows his status in the school and helps teachers to provide the best and most appropriate educational service.