Muhannad is a university student born in 1993. He has experience in business, driving, and English language. He has suffered foot amputation due to the war in Syria.

When Sanad published the announcement of collecting CVs of people with special needs to provide employment opportunities to them, Mohannad sent a letter to the organization saying, “Since my injuries, I have never thought of working or that there is anyone could hire me, but I have sent my information, although I am sure no one will hire me.”

After Sanad wrote emails to Syrian organizations intending to hire a person with disabilities in each organization, attaching the information of persons with disabilities that it had been collected. Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) replied that it wanted to interview Muhannad to hire him. After the interview, he was approved and hired as a data entry in its mobile clinic to move from a person who was hopeless and dependent on his family and community to a productive and active person in the community.

All thanks to those who have contributed to helping our Syrian brothers with special needs, and this is their right and our duty, which we have no gratitude for it.

Idlib city