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We seek to integrate people with disabilities into their communities through a community approach based on the formation of community committees and teams to collect data, identify problems, identify needs, and involve persons with disabilities in all processes.

Sanad emphasizes that every person with a disability is an individual situation that needs security, care and a stimulating environment to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. People with disabilities are an essential part of their families and communities, so Sanad empowers people with disabilities and their families to help them achieve their full potential by activating their strengths and providing a safe and supportive environment that contributes to their integration into their communities.

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The term "persons with disabilities" includes all those with long-term physical, mental or sensory disabilities that may prevent them when confronted with various obstacles from participating fully and effectively in society on an equal footing with others. In designing its programs, Sanad seeks to activate the role of persons with disabilities by empowering them and removing barriers to their effective participation in their communities.

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